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Marc Menowitz

Real Estate Investment


For as long as Marc Menowitz can remember, real estate has played an integral role in his life. In fact, one could even say that the industry’s core principles run through his blood. The grandson of Harold Menowitz, a renowned real estate developer who took a large stake of New York City’s properties in the early 1900s, Marc was exposed to the importance of a strong work ethic at a very young age. 

When his father, Frederick, took up the operations of Harold’s company, Menowitz Management, he expanded their development efforts to a national scale. Now under the purview of Marc and his brother Todd, Menowitz Management has been rebranded to Apartment Corp to appeal to the broader market and emphasize the company’s multifamily holdings, development and acquisitions.  

As the CEO of Apartment Corp, Marc oversees the management of over 17,000 multi-family units and nearly 5,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate nationwide. The portfolio includes almost 3,000 affordable housing units (Section 8 and Section 42). While Todd focuses on the market-rate apartments, Marc continues to grow the affordable portfolio through acquisitions and development.

Apartment Corp employs over 1,000 individuals across 23 states and has corporate offices in Los Angeles and New York. 

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For the last two decades, Apartment Corp has expanded its reach into affordable housing nationwide. Marc and his brother Todd have developed specialties in affordable and value-added real estate acquisitions, which has enabled them to concentrate their efforts on project-based Section 8 housing and properties that are developed in accordance with Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC).

Marc earned his MBA from the University of Southern California, and possesses inimitable expertise in the realms of factory, field, and service automation. As such, he has worked to incorporate a number of efficiencies into Apartment Corp’s business model, and was recognized as the first in his field to apply automation tracking to the company’s applications and operations. 

Due to the success of this venture, Marc is consistently seeking new and innovative methods of improving Apartment Corp’s operations to enable the team to focus on the larger mission: further expanding the company’s multi-family portfolio nationwide. 

Should you be interested in learning more about Marc Menowitz and his expertise in the real estate industry, be sure to visit his blog page regularly!

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